Atheists Eat Your Heart Out!

I have to share this…

We Christians are not unaware of Satan’s ploys, he loves to attack those who are opposed to him. Those of us who truly follow Jesus discern these plots and have the authority too fight back. Below is an example of that fight.

This morning I couldn’t pay my rent, first time in many years. I put out a prayer request, then this happens…
Within 2 hours of asking for prayer, I had a food parcel that I could hardly carry. A gift of £200 appeared in my bank and a cash gift at the door of £100. My cupboard, fridge and freezer were almost bare, now they are stocked…Is He amazing or what!

The above is a testimony to God’s ability to provide for His children…Through His children! Those who have ears to hear respond to His prompting and get stuck in. I can just imagine the joy on the faces of those who provided the food box…Ferreting through their cupboards picking items as The Lord directed. “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”

The financial gifts too, one too far away puts money in my bank, the others live close enough to come in person so I have The Lord’s gift immediately.

So, why the title of this blog? Well, none of the above would have happened in the atheists world. Only the followers of Christ act in this way.

I say to all the saints out there, be encouraged by this. He’s done it for me, He can do it for you. Just believe and have faith. “God is faithful and He will do it.”