Yes, it’s an old-fashioned word, but one that is very relevant to life in today’s world. We use it in connection with danger, especially danger on the seas, but it has a far higher reach than this.

Salvation, save us from peril, our lives are in danger…Save us.

It’s a pity that we humans only think in the now…Save me from this immediate danger. We don’t send out an S.O.S. for stuff that will happen years from now…But we should, because we all face very real danger in the future; the judgment seat of Christ. The Bible calls it, the great white throne judgment, and no one escapes it, living or dead.

Though you can not escape it, you can influence the judge! He has made a way whereby we can stand before Him innocent! In this case, we are judged for our works here on earth with a view to reward, not punishment. The way God made was His only Son, Jesus. You may have heard the story about how he came to earth 2000 years ago and did some amazing things. So amazing in fact that the law of the day had Him killed for it. Yes, a good man killed because He was seen as a threat to the powers of the day. Sadly, some things don’t change.

God’s Son, Jesus, was sacrificed on that cross on our behalf. He died as part of God’s plan for, you guessed it, Salvation…The saving of the whole human race. A good man for the rest of us. Yes, He was that good!

So, how do we take advantage of this offer of Salvation? Simple. God made it easy so we can all understand it. It’s not complicated, you simply believe in God and Jesus His Son, and surrender your life into His hands. An act of submission if you will. It has to be genuine and from the heart. In submitting, you acknowledge that you are a sinner, (we all are) and that you turn from your sin, (it’s called repentance). It’s that easy.

Once you’ve played your part, God plays His. He comes and sets His Spirit in you, and that’s when the fun really begins. The Holy Spirit brings change. It’s not forced, it just happens and you are so glad that it did. Later, the Holy Spirit brings gifts, that you can use to serve God. I kid you not, these are marvelous, and beyond anything the world has to offer.

So, you’ve believed and submitted. You’ve repented and received the Holy Spirit. That’s it. You’ve now got God’s guarantee and seal in you, and it can not be taken from you. You have your Salvation, guaranteed.

With it being this simple, it makes you wonder why so many people reject the offer. They will get to court and the judge will say, “I offered to pay the death penalty for you, why didn’t you take the offer? Guilty as charged, take the prisoner down.”

There it is. God’s wrath and judgement are coming on humanity and none can stop it, or avoid it. Everyone faces the death penalty, and for those who chose to disregard the pardon, death will be the penalty. Eternal torment.

I beg you, right here and now, accept God’s pardon. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour without delay. Give your life to Him and receive His pardon and the gift of eternal life in heaven with Him.

God bless you,


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