I was a kid in the fifties…I know, a long time ago! Back in those days, food was seasonal. There was a time when you could get fruit, and a time when you couldn’t. Same with veg, sprouts could only be had for a short season, then, nothing.

The thing is, way back then, you could get Victoria plums, almost pear shaped and deep purple in colour. You could also get egg plums which were smaller and a rich deep yellow with orange. The flavour of these was to die for…Rich and juicy and very much plum flavour, delicious in the extreme.

So, what do we get now? Plums all year round, that’s true, except they are round, black and rock hard and totally devoid of flavour. We have sacrificed the English varieties for foreign imported (all year round) muck. This is also true of strawberries, once smaller and delicious, now three times the size and tasteless junk.

Having to wait for things to come into season was half of the enjoyment…Not anymore.

In the name of profit, we have lost so much. How I pity those much younger than me who have never tasted real plums and strawberries.