Life at Falcons Nest… Living at the nest has been a real blessing. It’s a solid house and has many ‘features’: like a chandelier in the lounge…Posh or what! It has some downsides too, like 12 foot ceilings, making it difficult to heat and a lot of stairs to climb. The kitchen is small, but manageable. The grounds are lovely and kept in good order. I love it here, but the rent has gone up and no doubt will again. On to the next point.

Barnleigh Housing…At the behest of friends, I’ve applied for a place at Barnleigh Housing. They have bungalows on sheltered sites at reasonable rents. My application has been accepted, so I am on a waiting list. No idea how long the list is, so I’ve left that in God’s hands. He’ll know when the time is right.

Pension credit…Again, at the behest of friends, I applied for pension credit. This is something I would never have done if left to my own council, but I trust my friends to hear the Lord, as I do and, so took their advice and applied. It turns out that I earn too much so my application was denied. 

Christmas…I was invited to Carol’s for Christmas dinner. Bless her, she put on a real spread and I had a good time there. I got to talk with Jack, (that doesn’t happen very often) which was really nice. He’s currently 19 and well over 6ft tall. I came home blessed and with presents.

The car… I sold it for scrap on Jan 17 2022. Well, I wasn’t using it so the battery was always flat. Plus, it was costing £25 per month in road tax; it made little sense to keep it. As it happens, the timing was perfect, the chap I sold it to took it for a MOT which it failed due to corrosion underneath. It would have cost a small fortune to fix so once again, God’s timing was perfect. I haven’t missed it other than the odd time when I could have used it to nip out for some chips!

Droitwich church… Part of my thinking about getting rid of the car was my preaching ministry. “If I get rid of the car, no more preaching,” I thought. As it turns out, Emmanuel at Droitwich have asked me to preach in April and June, so I’ve accepted and arranged for a lift…Funny how things turn out.

Gammy leg… Yes, in Feb, my right leg gave way with excruciating pain. Ouch! I fell down but didn’t injure myself. After a few minutes, the pain eased and I was able to make it down stairs. I ended up in A and E for about 4 hours in a wheel chair. Saw the doc who did some muscle tests. The word, sciatica, was mentioned and I came home with a prescription for painkillers. Well, being me, I put out a prayer request and God answered. I had an uncomfortable night  trying to find a position that eased the ache. I eventually fell asleep and awoke pain free! Anyone who has had sciatica will tell you it takes several week for the pain to go away. Mine was gone over night. A miracle! “Thank You Lord.”

God has been faithful… Yes, in light of all the above I can say God has been faithful. And why not? He promised in His Word that He would never leave nor forsake me, and He hasn’t. It’s now 34 years since He came and rescued me, and I bless Him for that. As to the future…Who knows, but I do know that it will be exciting and challenging. Living by faith is all of these things, but above all, it is rewarding and satisfying. I’ve lived without God and I’ve lived with Him. I know which is best and I wouldn’t change for anything.

If you don’t know Him, I pray you will get to know Him as I have…