So, I went shopping today, as you do. I took my time selecting items that I like, and a few that I don’t buy very often. I had 2 heavy items so I was glad I’d taken 2 bags…It’s good to be balanced up as you walk home! At the checkout I judiciously packed my bags, paid and left the store. I was at the lights waiting to cross over when a chap, bless him, approached me saying, “You may have left a pack of corned beef at the checkout…” I had bought corned beef so he was right. I went back and collected my forgotten goods. Had a laugh with the lady on the checkout as well, something about getting more exercise.

So, the chap behind me in the queue saw what I’d done and came after me. How many would do that in this day and age?

“Father, whoever that man was, I pray You will bless him. In Jesus name.”