About me

Colin Owen

Staring at my computer!

Hi, I’m at that time of life when it seems right to write about things…So here goes.

I’m a life long musician and sound recorder, born again Christian who loves the Lord and actually believes what the Bible says and tries to live by it.

I run a home recording facility and produce albums for solo singers. I also make radio shows for a couple of ministers.

I’m based in the UK and live in a beautiful place called Malvern. Famous for it’s water (has the royal seal) and the Malvern hills, a great day’s walking, whatever the weather.

Malvern is also known as the home of the Morgan motor car. Still made by hand, and still has a wooden chassis. You can visit the factory and see them being made. Well worth a visit if you are close by.

I have some web sites if you are interested

www.jesusreigns.co.uk – My main sight
www.hisplacemalvern.co.uk – My studio site
www.colinowen.com – Here I share some old recordings
www.lulu.com/spotlight/ColinOwen – Books I have in print

1 thought on “About me”

  1. Hi Colin – Tim here from New Life, hoping you can join us at http://www.byhearing.co.uk where we’re setting up a forum for church tech.

    A link would be nice, and you’re welcome to put a link in an introducing yourself entry!

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