Since the covid restrictions have been lifted here int the UK. I’ve run into a wall of discrimination because I chose not to wear a mask, which is my right. I had a stand up argument in Lloyds bank over it the other day…This should not be happening!

I am NOT a leper! Yet some folks you walk past physically wince and step aside as though you were radioactive, or had Ebola. This is a disgrace, we’ve allowed fear to rob us of our humanity.

So, let’s start taking it back. I went out today to the local shopping area and was disgusted at how many shops still insist on face coverings and limited numbers. All displaying the propaganda about keeping each other safe. I’ve decided to boycott such businesses in favour of those who are not so gullible. I refuse to bow to such discrimination so I’ll take my custom elsewhere. Hey, if wee’d all do this, places of business would soon get the message. Hit them where it hurts…In the pocket.

What do you think, fight it or just go with the flow?