My calendar reminded me that it is ten years since my dad died. As usual…”Where does the time go?” How often we say that!

My dad was an amazing man, I have so many fond memories of him, even from early childhood. He was adventurous, far more than I’ll ever be. Brave, yes, that too. He loved my mum and stayed faithful to her throughout their 63 years of marriage…”Until death do us part.” How that one has gone out of the window!

Dad loved trees and coast paths. He lived in St Just near Land’s End for many years, and while he loved the cliffs, there are no trees of any substance in that neck of the woods. He often called it, “The bald country.” Well, where I live, there are trees…Big trees, so I’ve just been for a walk in the park, to ‘show’ him; he would have loved it here. During my walk I say a prayer of thanksgiving. I do it for Mum and my dear brother Stan. It’s my way of remembering, not only them, but the God who gave me birth into such a great family. I am truly blessed.

I hope you can say the same for yourselves, family is important…So is God.