Living in GtMalvern

I’ve been at Falcon’s Nest for over 18 months now, and I am loving it. I probably put it in the last platform, but God really pulled out the stops to get me this place; it is perfect. It has built in exercise which has been good for me, I can now make it up to the bank without gasping…


Thanks to my good friend, Sarah Tummy, who gave me her old iPhone, it has been great to be in regular touch with my sister, Iris, who lives in Spain. We natter each day and it doesn’t cost a penny. Marvellous. I have regular WhatsApps with other friends too, it’s so good to keep in touch with folks I rarely see. It’s like having cake and eating it.

The Car

Still going, though it doesn’t get much use these days. I have to charge the battery frequently. I have thought about getting rid of it, but that’s a big decision; once gone, I wouldn’t be able to buy another…I can be in faith for The Lord to give me one…He’s done it before, bless Him. Any thoughts on that would be welcome.


Life in the old dog yet. I was invited to play piano and preach at Emmanuel Church in Droitwich. I had been booked much earlier in the year but that had all been cancelled. It was a delight to be off the leash again in The Lord’s Service. Bless Him, He turned up and made the day special. In answer to prayer, my voice held out and we had a great time of fellowship, masks not withstanding. No tea and biccies after, of course, but we survived that. God is good.


Lockdown has not really affected my work. Most comes via servers, even folks who normally come to the house to record found a way. Email and Dropbox are wonderful things.  I’m still making radio shows for Jarrod Cooper and several others from his church. I recorded my good friend Jonathan Conrathe reading his new book, The Power Partnership. Check his web site. or something like that! I’ve also made a CD with my friend Denis Billau, and another long standing client and friend, Mark Grove,  All good music.


By the time you read this, my 6th book of short stories will be published. I wanted it out for Christmas, but problems with the LuLu web site scuppered that. Never mind, it will be out eventually. I’ve made a start on book seven and also another one called, Tales of the Fantastic, which is my attempt to write stories in the style of fifties scifi…I hope to have both published by the end of the year.

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I believe it was Hillary Clinton who said, “Never waste a good crisis.” There has to be some milage in that if SHE said it. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe everything the government says, even less so the Media. I’m not going to voice all my thoughts here, but I am going to pray that all this stuff comes to an end soon. (I’m writing this December 20th 2020) A new strain has been announced…That’s a theme that can be used for as long as they want…It’s like the generic term, Climate Change, it can go on as long as they want it to. Let’s all believe and pray for sanity to be restored.

Whichever platform you are approaching, have a great year.