My hearing has remained the same. I discovered that I could avoid problems by not lying on my right hand side whilst in bed. I tried all sorts of things like lying with my right ear between the pillows, using a travel pillow, etc. They worked but meant a disturbed night’s sleep. So, I now sleep sitting up in bed bolstered by 3 pillows. It took some getting used to, but it works. I’ve had no further hearing problems since.

Lodger gone. Yes, moving house meant letting my lodger go. He’s fine and well sorted with a nice flat. We keep in touch and I’ll definitely use him on recording sessions that require a proper widdely guitar player.

House move. To Falcons Nest. Moving house must be one of the most stressful things you can do, after getting married, that is. The build up to a move is intense and, if you don’t have the peace that The Lord brings, scary. I viewed several places, as you do. The first was a basement flat and very nice, but I didn’t get it. After that it became soul destroying: looking at places in crowded blocks, etc. I have to confess, that I held onto The Lord’s coat tails through all this, in simple faith that He would find me somewhere to live…And boy did He! I saw Falcon’s Nest on the web the day it came on and contacted the estate agent to make an appointment to view it. That was Friday, I viewed it the following Monday and asked for the tenancy. I know God was in all this cos I just had enough resources to cover everything…Just!

Here’s where you see God at work: having a lodger for 3 years gave me the spare finance I needed to make the move. There are fees to pay plus deposits plus rent up front plus removal van…Anyway, I made the move without any trauma. Several friends came and helped: Naomi and Don in particular were brilliant as was my exe, Carol, of course.

So, Falcon’s Nest. It’s a town house and part of an Edwardian Lodge, it is magnificent to look at with stone pillars at the drive entrance. There are 11 dwellings all together, I’m in number 3. I have a huge room on the ground floor with 12 foot ceilings, a loo and a well equipped kitchen; even a tumble dryer. Up stairs I have 2 bedrooms, both en-suit. The back one is single, the front huge like the lounge below. I use the small room for the microphones having run long cables from the lounge. The lounge is both my office and studio…Amazing.

So, God pulled all the stops out and found me a new home that is simply brilliant and in the posh part of Malvern to boot. I couldn’t be happier. Praise The Lord!

Here we are in 2020…I’ll reach 80 before this decade is out, now that is something to think about! Whatever age, wherever I am, God will remain faithful.

Hallelujah to The King of Kings.