Having moved house exactly four weeks ago today, I find myself out and about more walking. The area where I now live is beautiful. The architecture amazing. The town was built as a Victorian holiday resort, a spar town…Malvern is famous for its water…The Queen takes Malvern water with her on royal tours and drinks nothing else.

So, I’m out and about much more now than I was in the last house…It was just shops there, not good for walkies. Here its a tree lined avenue and a park. Walkies are a joy.

Why am I telling you this? Well, God gave me a gift to see stuff that others miss. I’ve used it in ministry many times. As I walk, I see things…Trees, houses, etc. Just across the road from me there is a monkey puzzle tree. Google that, they are amazing.

Because of the park and the many local schools, I see lots of young folks milling about, or sprawled on the grass. It takes me back to when I was that age (they say distant memory survives best!) and how different the world was way back then. We didn’t have a phone until I was over ten. We didn’t have a TV set for ages…And a car? I remember dad buying one for £17. That was a lot of money in those days. It was a Hillman, number, ATD66. It didn’t go, dad had to tinker with it for ages before it started up, but he did get it going, I learned to drive in it.

How different to today. I’m sure we were happier as kids, we were outside playing a lot. And give us a big cardboard box and we were happy for hours! There were no ‘fat’ kids and no allergies, though, according to today’s wisdom, we ate all the wrong stuff, yet we survived. Also, as kids, we all had knives and no-one ever got stabbed. How far is that from today?

Yes, I think we have lost some of our humanity, sacrificed on the altar of technology. Sure, there are wonderful gadgets now, but to us, a big cardboard box was a wonderful gadget, and it cost nothing and didn’t need batteries or re-charging.

Families were proper families in those days…I had a mom and a dad who stayed together till death parted them. Dad went to work and mom was a house wife…It worked.

Yes, I was young once myself, and I’m glad I’m not now…My childhood was better.