It’s funny how things change, I mean, internal things…Attitudes…Priorities and the like. Since my move to number 3, I find I’m changing. I’m walking more for a start. It’s just so nice round here that I really enjoy walking and taking in the sights…Like huge trees. There are lots of giant red woods in Malvern. There’s one that you can get up close and personal with, it’s massive. I would imagine that most folks don’t even see it, but when you are 71, you go slower and see more.

There are some really impressive houses too. Many built out of Malvern stone quarried from the hills. I’m glad someone stopped the Victorians from quarrying, else there’d be no hills left. Malvern stone is very striking and easily spotted.

So, in 2 days I’ll have been here 3 weeks…Time does fly. I’m settling in nicely and learning to appreciate what God has done for me.

God bless,