In my last blog I said goodbye to number 33, my home of some 19 years. Well, I’m now at number 3…A new home. I’ve been here for 16 days…Doesn’t it fly! Number 3 is now my home, though I’m still getting used to it.

With the change of home has come other changes, some of them odd. For instance, The shower here has a mind of its own; I haven’t worked it out yet…I will. Also odd, I now sleep on the other side of the bed…Why? My diet has changed (for the better) and I’ve lost a little weight. I’m fitter, thanks to all the work of moving and living in a place that has hills. I try to get out and walk every day. Where I live is beautiful, so walking is a joy.

I have to testify that God really found me a great place to live, bless Him. I knew He would: he has never let me down. Some of the other places I looked at were depressing, but not here, I have a wonderful place to live in an area I’ve liked for some years. He even put me in the very road I really liked.

Whilst this house is great to live in, recording wise, not so much. The rooms are square with tall ceilings, I’ve had to put acoustic foam up to damp the ‘zing’ down a bit. It’s all part of the change. I can no longer record groups, there isn’t the space, so even my profession has changed. I don’t mind, I’ve learned that with God, change is here to stay!

So, number 3 is now home and I love it. I’ll adapt to its foibles and go with the changes. I’ve always been adaptable, so, though it may be a challenge, in Him, I can rise to meet it.

Will I be here for 19 years? Hmm, we’ll have to wait and see.

God bless,