Well, here we are at Platform 71…Means I’ve beaten three score and  ten! This has been an interesting and challenging year.

In October, my studio computer died, so I was forced into buying a new one. It would appear that an 8 year-old computer is non repairable. The video card died and can I get a replacement…? Nope, they just aren’t around anymore. So, an otherwise perfectly good computer languishes in a repair shop on the off chance that another computer (with a compatible video card) dies of some other cause and donates its video card to my computer. I’m a man of faith, but that’s a stretch even for me. The upshot being that I had to shell out twenty-six hundred quid for a new one. It’s great and fast and the screen is to die for, but one day it will be eight years old and hanging on by the skin of its teeth; hoping there is a computer out there carrying a donor card!

YES! I finally finished it…My 3rd CD, Gethsemane. I’m really pleased with it, my voice held out and all the tracks came together very nicely. I put a medley of older hymns on it based on the ones that my mum used to sing around the house. Already, some folks have used them in house groups to sing along to. Mum would love that. Also, I finally did ‘my’ version of How Great Thou Art. It had my exe wife, my sister and my unbelieving brother in tears. Proof, that you can record The Holy Spirit. Anyway, it’s out and available on my web site…www.jesusreigns.co.uk

Yet another milestone this year was the publishing of Colin’s Shorts Volume Five. Yep, my latest book of short stories is out. That’s 150 stories in the shorts series and I have ten towards Shorts Six…Shorts five only took a couple of years…I might be prolific, but I ain’t fast!

There are two other significant challenges I need to mention.

1. I awoke one morning mid February and my hearing had gone to pot. I mean it, both ears with different problems. I went to have the wax removed, (first time ever) cost sixty quid and did exactly nothing! Went to the docs and he had a look and a poke and … Nothing. Well, he booked my a hearing test which won’t cure me ears…I can do my own hearing test at home, and I have. My hearing is improving slowly, too slowly for me, but heading in the right direction.

2. House move. I haven’t had official notice yet, but my landlady has let it be known that she wants to sell the house; which means I have to find somewhere else to live. A daunting task for a 71 year-old. Still, as I said, I’m a man of faith and I know that God will have somewhere tucked away for me.

That’s a good place to close. God has been faithful to me for 31 years. My life is firmly in His hands and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dear Lord, please bless all who read this.