I have just closed my eBay account. The reason, eBay Pride. I refuse to support or condone any institution that openly supports the march of perversion in my country. You may have different ideas, but I’m firm in my decision. I refuse to swallow the propaganda vomited out by the press, the BBC, Stonewall or any other purveyor of filth. Strong words, but I feel strongly about this.

The country I was born into no longer exists, and Treason May has recently said that they are not finished with the LGBT or whatever crowd. That means she has yet more plans to stifle our freedom of speech, more ways to impede our freedom of expression, and who will all this affect…The straight guys. The NORMAL guys. Those of us who choose not to live a perverse life. Those of us who read and believe the word of God, the Bible! IT WON’T AFFECT THE PERVS AT ALL! They will still be able to say anything they like and get away with it. They will still be able to commit child abuse by adoption. They will still be able to use hate speech and make threatening phone calls, all with impunity. And they call that equality.

The country I was born into has gone to the dogs, it has been thrown away and replaced with immorality, filth, child murder and perversion.

I praise God that He has something better for me and those like me.

Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord!