I see in the news that Ireland is to reform its abortion laws. There are pictures of ecstatic young females actually in tears at what they think is a victory. They are so deluded that they believe they have won something. How very wrong they are! All they have achieved is capitulation of a once noble country to satanic pressure to murder babies. It sickens me to see young women so delighted that they will now be able to murder their babies…What kind of people are they?

Let’s be clear about this: abortion is murder. Abortionists are serial killers. Governments who pay to have babies murdered are despots.

Be assured that one day, all of these people will stand before the judgement seat of Jesus Christ and will answer for their butchery. What cry for mercy will be sufficient to atone for the death of the innocents? The lake of fire will speak for all those who never made it to birth because they were torn out of their, so-called, mother’s bodies.

Ireland, you haven’t won, you have lost but you are too deceived to see it.