As a non mobile phone user, I have become acutely aware of being treated as a second class citizen. The scenario goes like this…..

You are having a conversation with someone: a loved one, a stranger or in my case, the lodger. All is going well and you are in mid anecdote when his mobile makes its presence felt. I would have said, ‘rang’, but most of the damn things don’t ring, they blast out some inane noise loosely described as music! Immediately, all conversation stops, no matter where you were in your anecdote, you are cut off as though you suddenly ceased to exist. You instantly become a ‘non person’ in favour of the first class citizen on the other end of the phone.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, which it is: it is the height of bad manners. The person who cut you off proceeds to yell into the ‘damn thing’ making sure you are sentenced to silence, whilst you listen to one half of the conversation. I have a confession to¬† make here…When this happens, I turn up the volume on my computer and play something from YouTube, or whatever I can lay my hands on quickly. Sadly, this has one nasty side effect, it either causes the offending loud mouth to leave the room, “YES!” or, more often, it causes them to raise the volume of their voice. This in turn causes me to whack up the volume of the computer and the spiral goes on.

I would like to raise a protest against this abhorrent behaviour…Let those ignoramuses know that we, the people, will no longer tolerate this treatment–no longer be treated as second class citizens–I PROTES– Oh, hang on, the phone is ringing!