Sarah Champion (Hey, what a great name!) Labour MP for Rotherham, has been forced to resign by Jeremy (put there by corruption, general idiot and all round prat!) Corbyn.

She was fired because she had the temerity to identify the problem using the word Pakistani. She would NOT have been fired if she had said British or English or American or Christian…The list could go on… NO, she nailed the problem clearly, it IS Pakistani men/gangs who are targeting young white girls for the worst abuse you could imagine. The problem is, political correctness forbids us from saying anything against Islam, homosexuals or races, which means, they get away with it!

The scandal in Rotherham went on for so long because the police felt they couldn’t act against an imported minority group. So, young girls were raped and trafficked by these protected species. Nothing was done, even after some brave girls went to inform the police what was happening. It’s a disgrace, heads should have rolled, but they didn’t, and Corbyn’s won’t either, because he’s protected by this political madness that has been forced upon us by shady, hidden somebody’s, hell-bent on the destruction of our nation. IT HAS TO STOP! We must get rid of this madness and get back to common sense…Back to protecting our values and our children.

If you agree, then do something about it: write to your MP, blog about it, or re-blog this blog…Just don’t sit there and do nothing.

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