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In the news right now is the BBC equal pay fiasco, and fiasco it is. Well, it’s the BBC so what else should we expect! No figures have been issued yet, but when, erm, IF they come, it will show the Beeb up for the charlatans they are.

I have a solution, wanna hear it? Of course, the BBC will never think of this, but it’s the smart move…

Why not take all the exorbitant male salaries (Including the stuffed shirts at the top…Especially the stuffed shirts at the top) and reduce them down to the same level that the ladies get. Problem solved, and wads of cash left over for making programs.

The men will moan, of course, but where are they going to go? There are only a so many TV stations… The women will moan too, because it’s not about equal pay, it’s about getting more pay. Where are they going to go?

There is no shortage of new talent just waiting for a chance, and they’d work for much less than the famous ones.

There, the BBC fixed in a blog. Will they do it? Do they have the guts to do it? Have they got the brains to even think of it?