Enough is enough!

I was just out to post a letter when I noticed the add on the window of Lloyd’s bank…MY bank! The add features two men hugging joyfully with the caption…”He said yes!” Open and blatant promotion of perversion, right there on the high street. I’m sick of it!

I took the time to rebuke Lloyd’s bank for what they are doing and I fully expect the God I serve to act upon my rebuke. I’ve been with Lloyds for almost 50 years…I’m sick of it!

Fellow Christians, it’s time we rose up against this intrusion of filth into out nation, remember, the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal, we don’t use ANY type of violence, we pray and we tear down the strongholds of Satan. Where ever he shows his face, we tear him down in prayer.

Let’s make a start. If we do nothing, Satan will simply propagate his evil with ever-increasing boldness. Just as he has done with the promotion of homosexuality, and as he is trying to do now with his attack on gender. Even trying to indoctrinate little kids in infant school with his evil. We must rise up against him…

Are you sick of it too? Then join me in prayer and take a stand against Satan and all who blindly follow him in government and the media.