O heck, another platform…Doesn’t this train have reverse?

January saw the 20th anniversary of my mum’s passing. It kinda brought it home to me that I still really miss her, dad too. Twenty years have flown by.

Shorts Four:

My fourth book of short stories is nearly ready for print; just in the final proofing stage. It has been several years in the writing. Well, I have short seasons when I really get into writing, and long ones when I get out of it! What can I say, I’m a temperamental artiste! Do check out my other books at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ColinOwen    They are on Amazon too, just search for my name. In light of the above, I’m dedicating Shorts Four to my mum, Lillian Owen: 1913-1997.

Laurence, Lol, the lodger.

It’s more than a year ago that I took in a new lodger. Yet another guitar player and singer, he’s quite a character. We do have a laugh, though he seems to brought a spirit of busted with him, cos stuff has broken down since he’s been here. We are on our fourth washing machine, I kid you not. I had a Zanusi for maybe thirty-five years, until the motor started to act up. Lol brought a Bendix home that he had stored ‘somewhere’ … It lasted two months and the logic board popped. A word of advice, don’t bother calling repair men out to busted washing machines. You pay £25 call out and they look at the machine and do a sharp intake of breath before telling you, “The board has gone, it’s very expensive to replace and it might just pop again. Scrap the machine!” You might get a little scratch of the head thrown in, but it costs extra! So, out goes the Bendix. I buy a Beko from the local charity shop for £125. Really nice machine, came with a three-month warranty. It lasted five months and ‘popped’. Not to worry, Lol had another Beko (from his mom’s house) so we installed that. Lasted two weeks and popped. I found a repair man who doesn’t charge for call outs so I got him round and it looks like washing machines are not good with damp…yep, damp. Being out in the garage causes condensation, and washing machines die from it. Honest, it’s like a leaf on a railway line. How come manufacturers don’t put in protection against damp…It’s washing machine for crying out loud! So, Beko two is scrap. In comes a Bosch, bought from the no call out charge repair man for £90. He said they are a bit more robust (well, they are German!) than the other makes. Thus far it is holding its own against the killer damp…Watch this space for the further adventures of the washing machines…One good thing though, the local scrap merchants come regularly to look on our drive for scrap white goods. See, we are helping the local economy.

PS. The old Zanusi was not bothered by the damp because it had a mechanical program selector rather than a modern electronic one. Not everything that is new is better than the older it replaces!


I’ve been working on my 3rd solo CD for well over a year now and my pal Derek is starting to chomp at the bit. He really encouraged me to finish the last one, and he hasn’t lost his touch…Trust me! So, CD3 started last year and I’ve made Derek a promise that it will be finished this year. That’s torn it, I’ll have to do it now.

Preaching again…Hollymoor

Hey, I’m preaching again. My dear friends at Hollymoor Community Church have invited me to preach once a month. It’s great to be preaching again, it’s been a while, but God is faithful and He never gives up on you. “Open your mouth and I will fill it.” That’s one of my life scriptures. I do, and He does … Every time, without fail. Pastors Stephen and Valma Merrick also run an on-line radio station called, Eternal Radio. The preaches go out on it so you can catch them there. I will, at some future date, be putting these preaches on my web site, just got to find the time to do it.

Cafe day

A nice little tradition I have going is, Cafe Day. It used to be on a Wensdee (Liverpool spelling) but now its on Fridee! It’s a time of fellowship with friends, Sarah and Derek, over lunch in a cafe. We have several eateries we can choose from so it’s fun. We have a laugh and put the world to rights, as you do. Sometimes we sit there for two hours, our record is three.


68 has been a good year: I’ve had plenty of work to do, Praise The Lord. Which means I’ve been able to pay the bills and enjoy the odd trip to the cafe. As always, God has been faithful in looking after me and providing for my needs, therefore I give Him all the glory, He deserves it. If you don’t know Him, I strongly suggest you make an effort and get to know Him, it’s the best thing you will ever do… It was for me.

God bless, and here’s to my three-score and ten; the next platform on my journey through life.