My computer reminded me this morning that it is twenty years since my mom died. I make a point each year to mark the passing of both my mom and my dad, but the number twenty hit me hard.

I know many of us can say this, but my mom and dad were the best. I grew up in an actual family…You know, where mom and dad had the same surname, one was male the other female, and they stayed married until death parted them. I regard all these things a blessing…But there’s more…

I was born into a Christian family: both mom and dad were born again, Bible believing, water baptised, Spirit filled, Pentecostal, Protestant, Christians! HALLELUJAH! What a privilege! What a blessing!

I am the youngest of three brothers with a younger sister. I am the last of my family’s line. There are no male offspring, so when I go, my family line will end. I’m not sad, cos I know I will meet mom and dad in heaven, along with many of my mom’s family who were also Christians. I stand on the shoulders of the faithful saints who have gone before me, I feel that strong foundation beneath me and I shout it out, I AM HONOURED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE OWEN FAMILY. HONOURED TO BE A MEMBER OF GOD’S FAMILY. HONOURED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE BODY OF CHRIST. I can think of no greater privilege.

Having said all that, I remember mom. She prayed for me for twenty-seven years, and her prayers were answered. I bless you mom, and I bless my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for all He has done in my family line.

In the words of my aunty Eva (a missionary in Africa for over forty years) “To God Be The Glory”

And in the words of my mom, Lillian, “From all that would dim thy Calvary, O Lamb of God, deliver me.”