O dear, another year gone, another few pounds round the middle, another few things I can’t do anymore. Isn’t life grand. Well, actually, it is: I still enjoy really good health, the old fingers can still beat a piano into submission and twang a bass guitar. I struggle a bit with bar chords, (the musos out there will know what that means), but the voice has been much better this year. I can measure that by he way people wince when I’m singing! Bless ‘em.

Work has been really good: I made a musical called, Sunshine, set in the 1950s. Had enormous fun re-creating the old sounds, not too mention the odd, “Bop shu op.” I made 2 CDs for Linda Hartley, in a folk style, and a 2nd CD for my dear friend Ann Steer…A 17 song marathon, but it turned out really well. Also, I’m currently working on a 3rd CD for Sarah Tummey, which is also turning out really well. My life-long pal Keith has been here a few times with songs he’s written, and my other good pal, Denis Billau, has also made a start on his 2nd CD.

I’ve been writing too, I published my 3rd book of short stories this year, and a wonderful spook of Dan Dare called, Ben Bravo. My 4th book of short stories is well on the way, currently with 14 stories written. For those who don’t know, I always include 30 short stories in my books, regardless of length…Colin’s Shorts 3 is the biggest thing I’ve written to date: 115,000 words, 368 pages…That makes 15 books written and published, though my basic Christianity course is eBook only.

My friendship with Derek continues. Bless him, he puts up with my scouse sense of humour. He joins myself and Sarah Tummey for cafe days, our Friday tradition. We have discovered and really nice eatery called, MacKenzies, up in Gt Malvern, where they do the most amazing burgers…I kid you not.

We have finally moved into our new church building, which is turning out to be a real blessing. During the build time we met at St Andrews in the afternoon…Very odd going to church at 3:30 on a Sunday…Anyway, the new building is fantastic, the acoustics are amazing, better than I hoped for; God has really blessed us, bless Him.

I have a new lodger, Lol, short for Laurence, he is a real blessing in many ways…He loves to cook, and I love to let him!!!! He’s rubbish at washing up though, so I do that bit. He’s a new Christian, so we have lots of talks about The Lord and all kinds of scripture. Makes me think I actually know something…Nah, that can’t be true.

I have started my 3rd solo CD. Much to Derek’s delight, I have made a start on CD number 3. I have several songs and a few ideas towards it, so I’m looking forward to working on that over the next few months, hopefully not years.

That just leaves me to thank The Lord for His continued support and provision: I’m 68 and still making music, and still getting paid to do it! How neat is that.

If you don’t know Him, I encourage you to get to know Him, He is wonderful and living life with Him in it is the best, I know, I tried it both ways! Having become a Christian at 12 and run away from Him at 13, being a “back slider” for 27 years, I can now say I’ve walked with Him for longer than that. Yes, 28 years walking with The Lord, and blessed to do so. “To God be the Glory!