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The news is currently full of a human crisis called immigration. The various European countries are being flooded with people who have been forced out of their own country by violent extremism. Many hundreds of thousands are now homeless and on the move looking for somewhere to live. It’s a crisis of biblical proportions.

We see in the news that there is concern about groups like Isis infiltrating the human stream with nasty terrorists, bent on bringing their own kind of insanity to whichever country takes them in. There is certainly truth in this, as Hillary Clinton said, “Never waste a good crisis!” Isis, and all the other terrorist groups, have shown that they are capable of taking advantage of every situation that presents itself and turning it to their advantage. The current one will be no exception.

The question is, how many? Of the hundreds of thousands fleeing the violence, what proportion is terrorist? The UK government seems to think it’s pretty high, but then, they use the same thinking process when it comes to benefits…Scroungers v needy people. They come down firmly on the scrounger side of the equation. Well, it saves them money, something that appears to be very high on their to do list.

So, what is the ratio of immigrant to terrorist? No-one knows, but it has to be very, very, small. So why are we concentrating on the minority, when the vast majority need our help?