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On thinking back over 4 decades, when I was in my twenties, I can recall an incident where God intervened in my life to save it.

At that point in my life I was in a band called, Light Fantastic, a sort of pop/cabaret outfit, famous for our coffin act! We also did an Alley Oop sketch…Well, someone had to!

I was the youngest member of the band and single…Also, I didn’t drink, so that made me the driver. At that time, we had a big Ford car that was famous for being unreliable in 3 areas: Brakes, shockers and head-gasket. Still it was a huge car and very smooth so ideal for 5 nutters hairing up and down the country at the behest of idiots called agents … But that’s another story!

So, we are off to a gig. I had just picked the car up after it being serviced and we are belting down the motorway cos we are late; we were always late! I had put petrol in the tank before picking up the guys as you do … after half an hour or so I noticed the petrol gauge was near empty. I gave out the good news that we must have a fuel leak and crossed everything that we would make it to the next services. We did, and as I pulled up to the pumps and turned the engine off, we all heard a metallic clunk at the back of the car. On having a look at what was going on, we noticed the whole of the rear driver’s side brake caliper had fallen off and was laying on the tarmac. Some service ‘eh!

So, here we are broken down, but there was a service place near the pumps so we pushed the car there and the guy got stuck in and fixed it.

After paying him we jumped in and took off, even later now … It was some time later that I looked at the petrol gauge to see it back to normal, just shy of a full tank.

Say what you will, I know that God intervened that day to save all our lives.

Hallelujah! “Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.”