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Hear and obey…

Back in the early 90s I was at Bible college, though not as a student, as musical director. We had some great friends down there, Charley and Jean being just two of them. Let me put you in the picture re Charley and Jean. They were from London and spoke with the accent. Charley was the college handyman, carpenter mainly. Jean was in the kitchen, and reminded me of everything that was good about school dinner ladies, bless her. Round smiley face, coupled with Charley’s wit and you get the picture…A very special pair of God’s kids.

Now, Charley and Jean never had the best of cars: a black Allegro I think, or something equally bad. It was never working properly…ever! As often happens in God’s family, the time came for us to say goodbye to our friends as they were off to another ministry base some distance away. Shortly before their departure, this happened…

One evening Carol and I are heading into the evening meeting with me about twenty feet ahead of Carol. We had to walk past C and J’s car along the way. I distinctly remember saying, as I passed it, “O, Lord, they really need a better car.” Instantly I heard the Lord say, “Give them yours!” He does that you know! We had an Audi Hundred at the time, not mega posh but it went! Not being on the daft side, I said, “OK, Lord, but can you confirm it through Carol.” We got into the hall and Carol said, “I think we should give Charley and Jean our car.” No escape now then…Anyway, we checked it out with the leadership who agreed that it was God, so we made preparations to give them the car. Those preparations included me writing a song about them and Carol and I recording it onto a cassette, which we left in the player so that it would start playing when they turned the key…It was a funny song, I’m sure they would have belly laughed when they hear it.

What a joy. O, and a short time later, we were given a gift enabling us to buy another car for cash. God is good.

It’s great living scripture.