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Philip’s transport.

As in my previous post, I was at a large ministry base down in Horsham. Every so often, my wife and I would take a break, we had friends in Malvern who had a big house with an annexe that they let us use as a bolt hole. What a blessing. Anyway, we were there one weekend and had to be back in Horsham for the Sunday evening meeting which started around 6:30. Something happened (no idea what) that caused us to leave later than planned.

I must explain here that Malvern to Horsham is a three and a half hour drive. No matter which way you go, or what speed you go at, it’s three and a half hours…Can be considerably longer if the traffic is bad.

So, we are in a panic, we set off with not a hope of being on time for the meeting, not something that would go down very well with the leadership. So, we are driving, praying and talking, as you do. When we arrived at our home in Crawley…I looked, and it had taken us two hours eleven minutes…Not only that, but we had only used around half the petrol it would normally take.

So, we had time to shower and get to church in plenty of time.

It’s wonderful to live scripture