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Many years ago, I was part of the large ministry base in Horsham. I was head of sound due to my years of recording and live PA system work. When I arrived at said ministry base, I found the PA system all over the place…Bits here, bits there. I had to spend several days hauling it all out of the store-room, sorting out what we had, and creating a working system out of the bits. The various cables were colour coded, so Grey were speaker cables, black were Mike cables, blue guitar etc. Job done.

One evening, I really wasn’t feeling well and the ‘boss’ was out preaching somewhere not too far away. Someone else took the PA system and I stayed home. It wasn’t too long before a call came in asking me to come and get the PA system working…In spite of the training sessions I’d given, and printed instructions to boot, they couldn’t get it to work. So, I was taken to the ‘gig’ where I found all the cables were in the wrong holes, so much for colour coding! Anyway, it took ten minutes or so to sort and whoopy do, it worked.

The reason for this blog is this…I was feeling rotten: achy joints, shivering, head ache…You get the picture. So, when, towards the end of the meeting, healing was called out, I raised my hands into the air and seem to have punctured a bubble of warm sticky goo…I kid you not, I felt it slowly run down my arms and on down to the floor…I was immersed in warm sticky goo. Every symptom went, and the warmth stopped my shivering. I was healed on the spot. Oh, how I enjoyed that warm sticky sensation running down.

God heals today!