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After the last post, this one came to mind…Enjoy.

As per the last post, Living Scripture 2, this follows on.

As Carol and I were getting ready to leave all and go to Bible college,  we had to have the car MOT’d. It failed! Seems it needed two new tyres and various other stuff fixing. Of course, we had no money…as you don’t! So this was a problem. We prayed, because term started the following day…No pressure then!

We bumped into a couple of friends whilst out shopping and they said, “The Lord said He’s put something in your bank account.” Now, we knew this couple and when they spoke, you listened…So, we legged it to the bank and sure enough, there was £100 in our account that ‘nobody’ had deposited.

We drove down to Roffey the following day on four brand new tyres, the car fully serviced and everything working!

It’s great to be living scripture…To God be the glory.