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After the last post, this one came to mind…Enjoy.

At the beginning of 1990, Carol and I went to Bible college. What a joke…Me…Go to college…I failed the 11 plus and went blissfully down from there. Actually, failing that exam was one of the best things I ever did, but that is not for this post.

So, they are praying us out on the Sunday before we drive down to West Sussex, to become students at Roffey Place Bible college, run by Colin Urquart. Two things happened whilst they were praying for us…

1. I’m standing with Carol at the front of St Paul’s church, eyes closed and thinking, “What am I doing, going to Bible college…I’m not academic…I failed the 11 plus…” One of the folks praying suddenly burst out with…”My son, do not look to your own education…”  It went on, but, needless to say, it put me in my place. You know, God had been wigging my thoughts and snitched on me…Bless Him.

2. One of the folks at the front kicked off a song. There were five of us, and all, save out pastor were singers, though he could carry a tune with a little help…Bless him. Anyway, we got stuck into this song and Carol and I began to harmonise…Suddenly, a cast of thousands came in from somewhere near the back of the church, and about thirty feet up in the air…A heavenly choir joined in with us…Talk about goosebumps…What an amazing sound.

Needless to say, Carol and I went to Bible college encouraged that God was with us.