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I have just embarked on a writing project that I’ve been putting off for years…It reminded me of something that happened a long time ago…Thought you might like to read about it.

Way back in 1989, Carol and I were recording our second album, Jesus His Story. A friend, Rob Andrews, had very kindly donated time in his studio, Chapel Lane, near Hereford. Of course, we jumped at the chance to work in a decent studio (rather than at home) and so went and stayed there for several days. The studio had accommodation attached, se we could work loads of hours and just fall into bed. Brilliant.

Along the way, working on the songs, I began to notice things about the gear in the studio that was not, shall we say, the best. The mixing desc was an ancient Caddack and the 24 track recorder a Lyrec. Both gave us some trouble as we worked. Fortunately, I was (at that time) a professional recording engineer, so I could work around the problems, but it struck me that this was not ideal for a Christian studio.

Being spiritual(!) I was having a break (in the toilet) and a snipped of scripture came to me…”Come, let us reason together…” so I took The Lord at His word and began to reason with Him about the gear in the studio. I recall saying that a nice SSL mixer would be good…Oh, and a Studer 24 track recorder would be nice too. Just so you know, these were the Rolls Royce of studio equipment back then, and cost way more than the car.

Any way, we made the album and went our way. It wasn’t till a year or so later that Rob asked me to come to the studio to mix some tracks for him. Imagine my smile when I saw an SSL mixing desc and a Studer 24 track machine in the corner…

Living scripture is wonderful. What an adventure we are on with God!