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We are all aware of what is going on in the world today, even with biased media reporting and lying politicians…

I thought this observation would be useful…

I make no bones about being a Christian man: born again, spirit filled and water baptised. It’s who I am, and nothing will change that. My call, as it were, into ministry was to minister to the body of Christ…IE. Believers. This, I’ve been doing for several decades…and still at it! So, what about the title of this blog?

To those who are not believers I say, take a moment to think about what is happening right now…If you have any concept of good and evil, most folks do, then you must be able to see that persecuted Christianity is NOT evil…If it were it would fight back. Now, think about all the violence there is and ask, who, or what is behind it? You must arrive at the conclusion that it is Islam…Watch any news broadcast. But… What is behind Islam? You all know what is behind Christianity, even if you don’t believe, so it must be the other fellah behind Islam. They are opposites.

Back to the title…Islam says you must kill to guarantee your place in heaven. The god of Islam wants his followers to kill for him. Contrast that with Christianity where The God basically killed himself on behalf of every human ever. Exactly the opposite to Satan.

Do yourself a favour, get on the winning side, get yourself Born Again into the kingdom of God Who loves you enough to kill His own Son in place of you. Or, be a pratt, and blow yourself up for a god that doesn’t care a fig for you.

Your choice.