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No, really, it’s all about free will.

Free will is sacrosanct to God, He will NOT override your free will.

Way back in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and chapter two verse 16, we read, “Now The Lord God commanded the man…YOU ARE FREE…”

This is the very first time we ‘see’ God talking to Adam…The first three words out of God’s mouth…”YOU ARE FREE!”

That’s how important free will is to God.

We all know the story, Adam and Eve used their free will to assert their will over God’s. In other words, they chose to give God the boot and take charge for themselves.

That was the first and original sin…The one we are all born with.

So, what is God’s remedy for this. Simple, we MUST use our free will to put Him back where He belongs…In charge of our lives. It’s called being Born Again.

We chose to remove Him from leadership over us, and we must choose to put Him back.

It’s all about free will.