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Many years ago when I was more active as a preacher, God gave me a vision of a Mars Bar. I kid you not! It went something like this…

Imagine a man walking down the high-street and he comes to a sweet shop. In the window he sees a Mars Bar and thinks… ”Hmm, I could just fancy a Mars Bar. He enters the shop and says to the assistant,

“I’ll have a Mars Bar please.”

“Certainly sir, that will be 35pence please.” (I told you it was a long time ago!)

She hands him the Mars Bar and he hands over the 35p.

Question…Which had the greater value to the man…The 35p, or, the Mars Bar?

Answer, the Mars Bar. He gladly paid the 35p for the Mars Bar, hence, it was of more value to him than the 35p. You can scale this principal up as far as you like…Clothes, new car, house…The principal holds true. The thing you purchase has a higher value to you than the price you pay.

So, the scripture says of those who love and believe in God: “You are not your own, you were bought at a price.” All Bible believing Christians will know this and accept it as truth. They will also know that Jesus Christ was the price paid. Jesus, God’s One and only Son was the price paid for us. I do, and I hope you do too, hold Jesus Christ as the most precious thing in my life…In all creation. As I look from my perspective, He is more precious to me than anything else I could ever possess…But, if we look at this from God’s perspective, He looked at us and was willing to pay the price of His One and only Son to buy us! So, from God’s side, which was of the greater value, us, or His Son?

O what a price was paid for us, and O, the love of a Father willing to pay such a price.