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Wow, this is a week I want to see the back of…

My dear friend, Joe Dignam, died today. Joe was the drummer with the last band I was in, Light Fantastic, he was a very special character too…He sang the very hi  falsetto voice, one above mine…He was short in stature, but enormous in personality.

His nick-name was Joe Dog…I believe he got the dog part from being in Germany with another band, and being sent out to get some grub from the local supermarket…Apparently he came back with tinned dog food…Anyway, it never put him off being the gofa: any time we were on the road and we needed something, we’d, “Send in the Dog.” Bed and breakfast, he’d get a discount, club restaurant, he’d get free grub…You name it and Joe could get a deal on it. Every band needs a ‘Joe’.

Apparently, Joe had a stroke a while back and was in hospital and in a coma. As far as I know, Joe was not a Christian, but I do know that the God I serve is merciful and true to His word which states, “Anyone who calls on the name of The Lord will be saved.” It only takes a heartbeat to call, and God is gracious enough to not let a coma get in the way.

Solong Joe, thanks for all the stuff you got for us, and for your happy-go-lucky manner…In simple faith I say, “See you in Heaven.”