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As a Christian man I have a certain take on Evolution, as you may imagine. I often wonder how so many seemingly intelligent people could be so taken in by an obviously false and unproven theory…Beats me, but then, as I said, I’m a Christian.

Some have said, if evolution exists, why do we not see it happening today…Surely, there should be at least one species that is clearly part way between what it was as opposed to what it is evolving into. No such creature exists, or ever has existed, the evidence clearly proves this.

So, what am I banging on about?

Well, we are not seeing human evolution in action, but we are seeing human devolution happening all around us. Yes, devolution, some are devolving back into some sort of sub-human primitive creature that has no right to exist on our planet… Don’t believe me?

Militants from the Pakistani Taliban have attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, leaving at least 135 people dead, most of them children.” Children who escaped from the school say the militants went from one classroom to another, shooting indiscriminately.

Don’t need to say anything else!