In light of my last post I thought I’d post this. These are lyrics for an as yet unfinished song…might never finish it. I had my mum in mind when writing this, but I’m sure this will strike a chord with a lot of you. Anyway, here it is.


A Last Farewell…

A last Farewell, a thought of parting
A sense of sweetness from deep within
A sudden sadness, a pang of sorrow
A last farewell, before you go

An ache a longing for times remembered
As recompense for what must come
A little anger, a guilty feeling
A last farewell, before you go

No time to ponder at this last moment
The seconds passing, each takes an hour
A life so precious, now slipping from me
My last farewell, before you go

No faded memories live on inside me
Your face is clearly before my eyes
Your love and laughter, they echo through me
They have outlived, my last farewell

Dec 18, 2010. Colin Owen.