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Recently I visited friends in their new home on a brand new housing estate here in sunny Malvern. Several things struck me instantly…One was the truly terrible design, the other, the total lack of a sense of identity—little boxes crammed together just like the shacks in a shanty town.

I have never seen such a rubbish design for a housing estate: everything was so close together that driving around it in a very small car (109) was a problem. I kid you not, it was a joke. The paths, (you couldn’t call them roads) were so narrow, that two cars could not have passed. The side-walks were part of the ‘roads’ just with different colour blocks… Many of the houses, I use the word lightly, had no garage or driveway, and those that did had a few centimetres gap between the wing mirrors…

It is obvious that the builders/planners/designers had only one thing in mind…Profit! Cram as many in as humanly possible.

An absolute disgrace!