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Answer, they are terrified of the Christian gospel, “which is the power of God unto salvation.” That little piece of scripture scares them witless! Why, because they have nothing to compare with it…Nothing!

There are no guaranties in Islam…They serve a god that gives them nothing but a vague hope that they will make it into the Islamic version of heaven. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, it depends on their god’s mood…

Contrast that with the Christian gospel, built on cast iron guaranties given by The God Who sent His own Son (Jesus) to die in place of the sinner. How can Islam deal with that? It can’t, never could, never will. The Christian gospel blows Islam out of the water. That’s why it’s easy for the Islamic extremists to recruit suicide bombers, they lie and say that becoming a martyr for their god guaranties them a place in heaven, which, of course, it doesn’t; the poor sods have nothing better to look forward to. It would be impossible for that lie to work on a Christian, cos we have a hope that is certain, not some airy fairy might or maybe.

Speaking of heaven, the Islamic one is based on sex! Supposedly the men get 70 (ish) virgins…To do what? Your average Islamic man would get through them in a month or two. What then, another batch? As for Islamic women, I have not been able to discover what they get, maybe they become the virgins? Wouldn’t surprise me, Islamic women are nothing but goods and chattels in this life, and who knows what in the next…If anyone knows what happens to Islamic women after they die, please let me know. It really makes you wonder why women convert to Islam!

So, Islam thinks it can stamp out Christianity by killing its followers…Not a hope! Christianity flourishes in adversity…Some data for you…

Islam is on the wane: they are killing each other in droves, and 6,000,000 are converting to Christianity every year without any intervention from Christian evangelists. I kid you not, they are converting because they are meeting Jesus Christ personally…He is visiting them and telling them the good news. Once they hear that, it sets them free from the death grip of Islam and they convert, even though to do so means probable death!

Christianity is growing like wild fire…Don’t believe the godless media, real Christianity…you know, the Bible believing, name of Jesus Christ lifting, Spiritual version, is growing. Islam will never stop it, nor will atheism, secularism, humanism, or any other ism…

Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. HALLELUJAH!