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I recently came across some data, from a source that I trust, that really surprised me.

We all know that the media keep banging on about the demise of Christianity. By their reporting, they deliberately give us the false impression that atheism is growing. Totally wrong!

You see, the media doesn’t have the first clue about Christianity, I mean the real stuff, not the traditional lot in frocks and big hats. That man-made religious junk is declining, but that is not true Christianity, not even close to be honest. No, real Christianity is increasing rapidly, and will continue to do so as the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached.

So, how about atheism? It’s dying! Yes it is…The data reveals that in the 1970s, the atheist content of the world population was around 8 percent. The projected atheistic content of the world population in 2020 is a mere 2 percent. How long before it becomes extinct then, who knows, but it is heading that way. So, there are not more atheists out there, it’s just that the remaining few are shouting louder.

Dawkins, you are a member of an endangered species! Where’s your logic now?