I kid you not, the BBC’s director general wants us all to pay the TV license fee, even if we don’t have a TV set. He cites iPlayer as his excuse…(Really, how do these nuts get such high paid jobs?) I wonder if this plonker has considered that not all homes have a computer…Nor does everyone have a mobile phone…And relatively few have tablets, iPads etc.

I have a better idea…scrap iPlayer…it is useless and unwatchable. The encoding is so bad that background movement pixilates…Instead of watching on a 32 inch, or greater screen, you have to watch on a 4 by 3 box in your web browser…They should pay us to suffer that!

Even better idea…Scrap the BBC. Yes, the world would survive quite nicely thank you without the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Let’s see…

They are anti Christianity…Our country’s national religion.
They are anti Israel, (Anti Semite). Their bias towards the Palestinians is offensive.
A high percentage of their programming is utter rubbish. True of all TV stations.
They are pro perversion.
They are clearly guilty of protecting the country’s most prolific pedophile.
They are pro Islam…Their head of religion is a Muslim!

We, as a nation, can do without all this.
So, BBC, Bye Bye Crap.