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Thanks to those who invent stuff like political correctness and other such nonsense, we are now a country with virtually no freedom of speech–regardless of what politicians say; for instance…

On Scottish birth certificates, the words Father and Mother have been discarded in favour of parent 1 and parent 2. No doubt in anticipation of the same-sex marriage fiasco where both parents can be male, even if one of them acts like a female; and having Mother’s name: George, would be laughable (if it wasn’t so tragic!).

You can not say anything about Islam without being branded an Islamophobe.

You can not say anything about a homosexual without being branded a Homophobe.

You can not say anything about a person who doesn’t have ‘white’ skin: that makes you a racist.

So, what can you say in our so-called freedom of speech society?

Well, you can say anything you like about a Christian and no-one turns a hair.

Also, you can say anything you like about a pedophile and every one gives you a round of applause…

Talk about painting yourself into a corner…The rule now is: don’t say or do anything that might offend somebody, somewhere…Unless they are Christian or a pedophile, then it really is a free for all.

So, the last bastions of freedom of speech are Christianity and pedophilia bashing.

What hypocrisy! What bigotry!