My, this year has gone quickly. Pensioner now and it has been a blessing; well, I paid into the system for 50 years, so I’m entitled to a blessing…In my opinion.

Had real hassle from the council over council tax. They have shown themselves to be totally without reason, compassion or humanity. In a blog I likened them to Fascists, I still hold that opinion…Hitler would still be proud!

Church has been steady, our building program is kinda on hold, but not dead. Worship continues to grow, as does the team, Praise The Lord for the younger folks who are playing and singing for Jesus.

Work has been amazing, I have been busy to the point of wonderment…God really answered my prayers to be in front of the bills rather than always playing catch up, bless Him. It’s a great place to be.

Speaking of money…I have just made the last payment on my bank loan…7 years…Hallelujah, it’s history!

Around June time I lost my lodger, Vo, to a lady…He got married! I took a step of faith to carry on without a lodger, and the Lord has honoured that; however, my pal Derek is in need so he is coming here as lodger starting June. Feels right to me to be helping out a brother, and I’ll have some great Christian company to boot. Win, win.

Personally, I have put on weight…As you do, and have noticed I just can’t do ‘stuff’ I used to do…The blessing there is, I don’t want to do it! Still, age creeps on and you notice it more as the years clock up. I’m blessed that I don’t have stiff joints or painful bits, and I can still beat the piano into submission, and still get by on the bass guitar. God is good.

I have been writing again, working on my 3rd book of short stories… “Colin’s Shorts Three.” I continue to be amazed that it still flows, and the ideas just keep coming. I am also working on a spoof of Dan Dare – Pilot of the Future, from The Eagle comics of yesteryear; it’s going well, and I keep having to laugh at some of the antics of the gallant crew of the ship, Planastasia. Ben Bravo, Space Pilot, continues to blunder his way around the solar system, together with his side kick, Big-D and Professor Beanbody at his side. Ten stories so far, but I feel more coming on…Watch this space, as they say.
My currently published books:

Also, I have a new CD out called “I Believe.” Took 3 years to make, but hey, it’s done now. It’s available on my web site at:  – The album is a statement of faith, and has some great praise and worship songs, as well as some more personal ones. What can I say, God is my inspiration, and He is all over this album…Bless Him.

Finally, My faith, trust and hope in The Lord is as strong as ever. He has continued to prove Himself faithful, and I see no reason for that to change, so, here’s to the next stage of the adventure I call life. Off, into the future with my Saviour, Jesus Christ, and my lovely Christian family…That’s you lot!

Every blessing,