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I just received a letter from Capital One offering me a credit card…What a joke! Well, not really, you see, they want to charge over 34 percent APR…34 percent! At least they put it in unmissable big type, so well done for that bit. They must know that no-one in their right mind would sign up for a card with that amount of interest…Perhaps they figure that there are enough plonkers out there to make it worth their while…Who knows the mind of bankers…Sooo tempting to spell that wrong!

Anyway, the daylight robbery bit is altogether more devious… I have a Mint card, I think that is RBS, you know, one of the scumbag banks that got us into this mess. I have been with them for probably 20 years now, and you’d think that would earn you some brownie points–Well it doesn’t! Nooo, the greedy monster doesn’t think like that. A year or so back they blithely announced they were putting ‘my’ interest up from 16 to 21 percent, a couple of months after that bombshell, they put it up to 26 percent, and this with a base rate at less than half a percent. You see, they ‘know’ when you only make the minimum payment that you are trapped. Yes, caught in their web and they become a black widow…Well, you get my drift. Having got you, they can up the anti as much as they like and no-one does or says anything: especially that shower in Westminster who have the gall to call themselves ‘Government’.

Sadly, it doesn’t end there…I have a Lloyds card…Been with them for over 40 years. They are the other scumbag bank that got us into this mess…They just put my interest up from 17 to 21 percent. The explanatory letter stated that I had been late paying twice! TWICE! This is daylight robbery in my book. Guess you’ve noticed I’m a bit miffed.

Life has some pleasures though, I’m going to use the Capital One pre-paid reply envelope to tell them to…Modesty forbids.