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I’ve just had a run in with Malvern Hills District Council. It’s like this: two of my council tax payments seemed to vanish into thin air. I know I paid them, but…No-one believes the little guy. I had the usual threatening letter which I took to the local ‘hub’ to try to sort it all out. Upshot was: they wouldn’t let me pay a little extra for the remaining months to catch up, so I had to max out two credit cards to re-make the missing payments. I must add that I am a pensioner.

Now, with payments up to date, I was somewhat surprised to receive a court summons for the payments, as yet not due, for the rest of the year. Another trip to the hub and still no help or understanding from Shylock! “Pay up all or go to court.”

Here’s where God steps in: I had advertised a mixing desk in Sound On Sound, and as I sat at home wondering and praying about what to do next, the phone rang, and a chap bought the mixer. The money was in my bank within the hour. HALLELUJAH…God is good.

Third trip to the hub cos I’d paid the October payment after the summons arrived. I wanted to confirm that the payment could be deducted from the amount on the summons…It could, but the charges, £75, still had to be paid.

Nice one Malvern Hills District Council, Shylock has had his pound of flesh.
Adolph would be proud!