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BEIJING: A massive attack by swarms of hornets in the southern Chinese province of Shaanxi left 28 people dead and hundreds injured, according to local newspaper reports.
Many of the victims were stung more than 200 times by the Asian giant hornets or Vespa mandarinia, which are known for their toxic sting. Multiple stings can prove fatal if the victim is not immediately given medical treatment. Attacks by the thumb-sized wasp took place off and on over a period of several weeks in and around the towns of Ankang, Hanzhong and Shangluo of Shaanxi. Reports said one of the patients suffered from kidney failure after being stung in the head and legs.

Ankang’s fire department has been fighting the menace and has reportedly removed over 300 hornet nests from crowded residential areas since July.
Patients undergoing treatment said they were chased by the hornets for distances of more than 200 meters before they were stung.

Signs of the times folks. The Bible speaks of flying things with stings in their tails. The colour yellow is mentioned too…Hornets have yellow don’t they