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This of course is true:¬†Gross indecency is a crime. Well, unless you are a homosexual, then it magically becomes a travesty of justice. You can’t have failed to notice all the hoo-har in the news about Alan Turing, the war hero who was also a criminal. Seems like all the bods who rule over us are bending over backwards to get him a posthumous pardon. Why? Because he was homosexual and therefore above the law and only just shy of being royalty! If he had committed Gross Indecency against a female, we wouldn’t be having all this fuss…And they call it equality! If Turing had been straight and assaulted a girl none of this would be happening, but he assaulted a male, so that makes it all right and the punishment inappropriate.

It’s true to say that he did his bit during the war, he was decorated for it too. But the war contained millions of heroes, many of them criminals, are we hearing their cases thrashed out in the media? No. Turing never faced a bullet, he never had to charge across open ground in the face of machine-gun fire, or dive for cover when a plane opened up from above…There were millions of heroes during the war.

Turing was a homosexual who committed a crime. Tragically, he committed suicide later. I don’t believe it was that society punished him for his crime that drove him to it, but rather that he knew what he was and couldn’t live with it. Many homosexuals commit suicide because, deep down, they know it is wrong.

We should remember Alan Turing for the war hero he was, and stop dragging his name through the media just to satisfy the homosexual lobby, who only want to use him to  score yet another Brownie point.

Shame on the lot of you!