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The picture that accompanied this headline was of one man with two brides. I don’t know why women go for this, but they seem to. Well, Americans do! Never heard of one woman with two husbands…Anybody?

Anyway, the thing is, what happens over there usually happens here a short time later. We WILL see polygamy rise in this country, there will be no reasonable way to stop it. Once you break the sanctity of marriage, it’s open to all comers.

You know what ‘they’ say, “Let them get a foot in the door and they’ll take over the whole house.” This is precisely what the gay lobby are in the process of doing. Once they get their way with marriage, it’ll be three in a bed in a flash. It’s coming, it has already happened in another country that fell into the ‘gay marriage’ trap. IT WILL HAPPEN HERE.

One wonders why Cameron and his type can’t see it coming. Mind you, they didn’t see what the banks were up to either; they were probably too busy making money from them.

Once it’s gone…It’s GONE!