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I just heard a snippet from radio four where some scaremonger was waxing lyrical about the population of the Earth. His term was, ‘overcrowded’. Sure, seven and a bit billion does sound a lot…You wouldn’t want to have to get the next round in, for instance!

So, let’s put this in perspective. I checked out some statistics and here’s what I found. Using the number of people vs the size of the Earth we get 124 people per square mile. Even a politician couldn’t convince you that that was overcrowding. Ah, but the planet is two-thirds water…Good point, so let’s take that into account and see what we come up with.

Has anyone ever heard of The Isle of Wight? I see a few hands there…Sorry, that’s the evangelist in me! Well, if you look at any of those beautiful photos of our lovely planet, you’ll have the Dickens of a job finding The Isle of Wight. It’s way down at the bottom of what used to be called England! Let’s face it, it’s hard enough spotting the UK on such pictures. So, what am I banging on about? Glad you asked…It seems that, with a bit of clever packing, you could get the whole seven and a bit billion of us on The Isle of Wight. Wouldn’t fancy trying it, but apparently it is possible.

So, to summarise: Scaremongers lie and tell you we are over crowded, when in actual fact, the whole population of the Earth can fit on a full stop, on a very large beach ball.

Kinda changes your perception a bit, don’t you think.