I personally believe that our current method of government is not fit for purpose, but that’s for another blog. What we have is Left and right. No party wants to be either, so we have centre left etc. If we look at the extreme left and right, we find one amazing truth…They are exactly the same!

Extreme Left…Stalin. Extreme Right…Hitler. Both dictators…Both paranoid…Both killed millions…Both treated ‘their’ people with contempt. Not a lot to pick and choose between them really.

So, what do we have now? I call them, Frying Pan and Fire. (No-one pays much attention to the third lot, as evidenced by the number of votes in the last general election!)

Currently, we are in the Frying Pan, and they are making the fire look really good. Sadly, we’ll probably end up in the fire at the next elections, (with UKIP as number three!) So it goes on, from bad to worse ad nauseam! We never get good government, we never get real government. We only ever get bunches of ‘Hooray Henries’ playing public school games at our expense. They cat call each other and waste immense amounts of time playing one-up-man-ship, trying to score brownie points. Time that would be better spent actually governing.

As a nation, we deserve better!